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Images can help to contextualize or visualize a data concept and may be added to pages in the CSUMB Data Glossary where appropriate.

Inserting media into a page

Using the Edit tab for the page you want to edit, place your cursor at the location on the page where you would like to insert your media.

Then, use the edit toolbar in the header navigation to select the Insert drop down and select Media.

Insert drop down in edit toolbar.png

In the Media Settings dialog box. Select the second tab: "Upload".

Media Settings Upload.png

Click the Select a file button or drag and drop your media file into the box provided.

You also need to check the box to confirm "This is my own work".

Media settings upload - image .png

Then click the Upload button.

Screenshot illustrating upload.png

The Details pane will appear. You must give the media file a Name and Description so that the image can be made accessible for screen readers.

Then click Save.

For more detail on making images accessible for screen readers, see Web Services' Web Accessibility Guide.

Media settings button details page.png

A preview of the image will appear. Click the Use this Image button.

You can use the General Settings pane on the final screen to give the media a caption and alternative text.

Media settings.png

The Advanced Settings pane allows you to format the placement of the image on the page and control things like text wrapping and image size.

Advanced settings pane.png

Once you are satisfied with your settings for the image, you click the Insert button in the upper right corner of the dialog box and the image will be inserted into your page.

Supported media types for images

The following file formats are supported for images uploaded to the CSUMB Data Glossary:

  • .jpg or .jpeg : image compressed in the standard JPEG format.
  • .png : image in the Portable Network Graphics format.
  • .gif : image in the legacy Graphics Interchange Format.

If using Snagit® for screen captures, you likely will be working with .png files.

Other media types may be supported, but may require extensions to be installed on the site. If you believe another type of media file needs to be included on a page, contact IAR.