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The CSUMB Data Warehouse is the designated official repository of institutional data about our students and includes interactive reports and dashboards that provide the campus community with insightful analysis and data visualization capabilities.

Where Term Appears
Other Reports:
Data Custodian
Institutional Assessment and Research
Data Source
Source System:CMS - SA
Source Table Name:N/A
Source Field Name:N/A
Census Process:N/A
Logical Transformation / Calculation
OBIEE Folder and Column
Folder Heading:N/A
Column Heading:N/A

The CSUMB Data Warehouse integrates core student systems into a single analytical database to support and inform decision-making processes and enables campus users to explore subject areas at every stage of the student life-cycle.

The CSUMB Data Warehouse tells you more about the students in your college or department and assists in identifying opportunities for improving student success campus wide.

Subject areas in the CSUMB Data Warehouse include reporting and analysis on topics including:

  • Academic Planning Database (APDB)
  • Admissions Funnel
  • Courses
  • Credentials
  • Degrees
  • Enrollment
  • Financial Aid
  • Grades
  • Retention and Graduation

For more information or to access the CSUMB Data Warehouse, see IAR's CSUMB Data Warehouse page.

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