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The CSUMB Experience Study is a series of reports that use results of the CSUMB Experience Survey, which is administered every three years to all currently enrolled CSUMB degree-seeking undergraduates. The survey provides students with the opportunity to tell faculty and administrators about their experience with various aspects of CSUMB.

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Results of the study are used to evaluate and improve the academic and non-academic offerings of CSUMB. Students' responses from previous CSUMB Experience Studies have led to many improvements, including the following:

  • Major requirements streamlined for all students
  • Degree pathways clarified for all students
  • Academic Advising centralized
  • FYS realigned with GE curriculum, so that students who take FYS are also earning GE credits
  • GE curriculum revised
  • Language requirements reduced by 1 semester (for all students subject to language requirement)
  • Transfer students in high-unit majors exempted from the language requirement

For more information and to see reports from the CSUMB Experience Study, see IAR's CSUMB Experience Study (CSUMBES) page.

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