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Course Credit Units are the "semester hour units" earned toward the degree or program by the student completing the course. In lecture, discussion, seminar and some other modes of instruction one course credit unit is earned for the 15 contact hours of instruction in a normal 15-week semester. The typical 3-unit course requires 3 contact hours per week for 15 weeks. Faculty may expect students to spend approximately 2 hours out of class for each hour in lecture/ discussion type classes. Thus a 15-unit lecture/discussion work load for a student would calculate to 15 hours in class a week plus an average of 30 hours outside class, or minimum total of 45 hours workload. For more information, see the University's Credit Hour Policy.

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Business Rules

The number of course credit units conferred is determined solely by the course content. Fractional units are not permitted.

A change in course credit units or a change in classification will necessitate the development of a new course description, course outline, and new course syllabus.

An increase or decrease in course credit units requires review of any existing General Education and/or University Requirement approvals.

An increase in course credit units requires review of any existing Articulation Agreements in force for the course.