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Course Fee - Executive Orders 740 and 919 delegate authorization for approval of all instructionally related course fees to the President and defines the types of optional instructional materials, activities and facilities for which charges are permissible.

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If an instructional, miscellaneous course fee has been approved by the Course Fee Committee, Business Manager, and the President of the University, the statement, "Course fee may be required" must be published in the Catalog and the online Schedule of Classes. No other fees may be advertised or charged. All instructionally related fees must be authorized and must meet the following procedures for approval to establish, increase, decrease, suspend or abolish instructionally related course fees at CSUMB:

  1. An instructionally related course fee description and approval form must be completed (see Attachment 4.7).
  2. The fee should not exceed the actual or pro rata cost of providing the specified goods or services.
  3. The course fee must be identified in the University Catalog and the online Schedule of Classes.
  4. Fees must be deposited with the Business Office in a trust account established solely for the authorized fee.
  5. The trust account must be used solely for the materials, activities or facilities for which the charge is made.

If expenditures for the specified materials, activities, or facilities are made from General Fund accounts, the department must request a transfer from the trust account each September, December, March, and June for reimbursement of the General Fund.

Periodic reviews will be conducted to ensure compliance with applicable requirements. Each June, a yearly report will be prepared of authorized instructionally related course fees.

Students must have the option of using materials or services provided by the charge or obtaining comparable goods or services from another source.