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Course Typically Offered provides a heat matrix displaying the terms courses have been offered and the total enrollment and section count of those courses each term over the previous five academic years.

Where Term Appears
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Data Source
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Census Process:No
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OBIEE Folder and Column
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These results should be compared with Course Typically offered in CMS Student.

Frequency of Offering / Course Typically Offered - My Learning Plan uses the typically offered codes to help students know when they could plan to take a course in the future beyond the schedule of classes.  Students generally plan two to four years out, which is beyond the schedule of classes; thus, My Learning Plan needs typically offered to be accurate in order to help students plan a path to graduation that is as optimal as possible.  If a course is offered during a term that doesn’t fall into the typically offered terms then My Learning Plan would adjust when the schedule of courses is published but beyond the schedule, the system would continue to only allow students to plan the course according to the typically offered code attached to the course.

The standard options include:

Code Description
EVERY_TERM Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter
FALL Fall term only
F_EVEN Fall term only - even years
F_ODD Fall term only - odd years
F_SP Fall, Spring
F_SP_SU Fall, Spring, Summer
F_SU Fall, Summer
PERIODICAL Periodically offered (does not fit in another category)
SPRING Spring term only
SUMMER Summer term only
S_EVEN Spring term only - even years
S_ODD Spring term only - odd years
S_SU Spring, Summer
TRANSFER Administrative Use Only
WINTER Winter term only