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Cross-Listing Option - Some courses by virtue of their interdisciplinary content may be offered simultaneously by two or more different departments/programs. Student transcripts will indicate the department or program in which the student enrolled. Similarly, each participating department will be credited according to the source of enrollments. Cross-listing requires the consent of each participating department/program. Extensive cross-listing with other departments must be justified both academically and fiscally.

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Courses may be cross-listed only within the same course-level division, i.e., lower-division 100- and 200-level, upper-division 300- and 400-level, and graduate-division 500- and 600-level. The courses must have the same catalog title, abbreviated titles, prerequisites, course description, grading, and classification. If one course has been approved for GE status, the other must also have GE status in the same category. The course description of each course must indicate the equivalency with each of the other courses as follows: "Same course as DEPT XXX." If a curricular change is submitted for one of the cross-listed courses, the same change must be made to the paired course or the cross-listing will end.

For scheduling purposes, only one department is designated as the "home" department of the course and all others are designated "dependent" departments. Departments may rotate this responsibility that includes schedule building and staffing administration.