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Impacted Major is a student level indicator of impaction for a given major where there are more applications from qualified applicants than there are available spaces for new enrollments in the major.

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In the California State University system, a campus is designated as “impacted” when the number of applications received from qualified students exceeds the number of available spaces. It also means that a campus has exhausted its instructional resources and physical capacity. The final admissions thresholds are determined after the application period has been closed and after receiving all of the undergraduate application for admissions. Those campuses are permitted to use supplementary admission criteria to screen applications.[1]

Business Rules

A code of "1" identifies a student that is enrolled in an impacted major.

A code of "0" identifies a student that is not enrolled in an impacted major.

Definition Source

"A code that identifies whether the student is enrolled in an impacted major or not."[2]


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