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Data Custodians are a special role on the CSUMB Data Glossary, as this user role has the ability to edit content.

Because editing access is limited to protect the integrity of the CSUMB Data Glossary from spam and other unauthorized edits, Data Custodians must login to the site to edit using a user ID and password.

Data Custodian Accounts

Each department or business unit on campus that has a role as Data Custodian within the CSUMB Data Glossary receives one account set up and managed by Institutional Assessment and Research (IAR). This account can be shared by any individuals within the department or business unit tasked with reviewing and updating content on the CSUMB Data Glossary.

If any problems arise with your department's Data Custodian account, contact IAR.

Logging In

The Log In link is in the very right upper corner of the top header navigation above the "Search CSUMB Data Glossary" box.

Login button image.png

Click the Log In link to navigate to the Log in page.

Once on the Log in page, enter the Username and Password provided to you by IAR. and then click the "Log in" button.


You are will now be logged in with your department or business unit Data Custodian account. When logged in, you will see several new links that appear in the top header navigation above the "Search CSUMB Data Glossary" box with your Data Custodian account listed and links to Preferences, Watchlist, and Contributions pages. You will also have a link to Log out that replaces the location of the Log in link in the navigation.

The example below, shows the IAR Data Custodian user account logged in.

IAR Data Custodian logged in screenshot.png

Once logged in, you can navigate to pages that you need to edit.

To navigate to a list of all terms assigned to you as Data Custodian, see Seeing all terms assigned to a data custodian.

To navigate using the search box, see Using the Search box.

Other links on the Log in page

Below the Log in button on the Log in page, there are links for "Help with logging in", "Forgot your password?", and "Join CSUMB Data Glossary".

Screenshot of other log in page links.png

These links are not relevant for the CSUMB Data Glossary as accounts are managed by IAR.

If you have problems with your Data Custodian account log in information, contact IAR at iar@csumb.edu.

General users do not need to log in to use the CSUMB Data Glossary

The CSUMB Data Glossary is a publicly available resource. General users who are not Data Custodians do not need an account to view and use the CSUMB Data Glossary.

General users are also unable to edit the glossary.

As a general user, if you notice any inconsistencies, problems, or inaccuracies, please contact IAR so that we can help facilitate fixing the problem.