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Student Type Funding is calculated using source academic program code and indicates whether enrolled students are FTE-generating or non-FTE generating and if FTE-Generating, whether or not the students are degree seeking or non-degree seeking.

Where Term Appears
CSUMB Data Warehouse Dashboards:
Data Custodian
Enrollment Management
Data Source
Source System:CMS - SA
Source Table Name:Calculated
Source Field Name:N/A
Census Process:No
Logical Transformation / Calculation
Calculated using Source Academic Program Code
OBIEE Folder and Column
Folder Heading:N/A
Column Heading:N/A


Student Type Funding values include:

  • FTE-Generating Degree Seeking (academic program codes of 'GEXDG', 'PBAC2', 'PCRED', 'PEXDG', 'PMSTR', 'UBACH')
  • FTE-Generating Non Degree Seeking (academic program codes of 'PTRAN' and 'UTRAN')
  • Non-FTE Generating - all other academic program codes, for example 'UOPEN', 'POPEN' [Open University] and 'PCERT' [post-bacc certificate-seeking (not credential)]

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