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Academic Group is the highest level breakdown at CSUMB for academic structural purposes and usually refers to a college. Academic Groups can offer academic programs in more than one academic career, and academic careers can include coursework across Academic Groups. An Academic Group can have undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, or extended education academic careers.

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Academic and Centralized Scheduling
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Source System:CMS - SA
Source Table Name:PS_ACAD_GROUP_TBL
Source Field Name:DESCR
Census Process:No
Logical Transformation / Calculation
OBIEE Folder and Column
Folder Heading:"Academic Group"
Column Heading:"Source Academic Group"


Each college at CSUMB is an Academic Group. For example, "College of Arts Hum & Soc Sci" and "College of Education" are Academic Groups. "Academic Administration" is also its own Academic Group.

Most of CSUMB's Academic Groups offer academic programs in both postbaccalaureate and undergraduate academic careers, but most academic programs in extended education academic careers are offered by the "College of Extended Education" Academic Group.

Legacy and current Academic Group values exist in the CSUMB Data Warehouse. Data availability for these values reflect when an Academic Group value changed. For example, the "College Sci Media Art & Tech" was the previous value of the current "College of Science". Likewise, the "College of Professional Studies" was the previous value of an Academic Group that split into the current "College of Business", "College Health Sci & Human Svc", and "College of Education".

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"Academic groups are the highest level breakdowns of the academic institution for academic structural purposes. Often each school or college within an academic institution is defined as an academic group. Sometimes units such as extended education are defined as an academic group if classes are offered separately from the standard colleges or schools. For example, PeopleSoft University comprises the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Engineering, the School of Law, the School of Education, and the Evening Extension Division. Each entity is defined as an academic group in the system. Academic groups can offer academic programs in more than one academic career, and academic careers can cross academic groups. In the previous example, the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Engineering contain both undergraduate and graduate academic careers, but the School of Law contains only one academic career, which is not shared with any other academic group."[1]


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