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Academic Progress Units represent the units associated with a particular course and are used in the calculation of a student's academic load as well as in the calculation of the billing factor and per unit fees.

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Office of the Registrar
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Source Table Name:PS_CRSE_CATALOG
Source Field Name:UNITS_ACAD_PROG
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OBIEE Folder and Column
Folder Heading:Academic Course
Column Heading:Academic Progress Units

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  • 1.00
  • 2.00
  • 3.00
  • 4.00
  • etc.

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Academic Progress Units The system uses academic progress units in conjunction with the billing factor to calculate billing units and, subsequently, per unit fees. The system also uses academic progress units to calculate academic load. Academic progress units are usually equal to the minimum/maximum units, except for a multi-term class. A multi-term class is when all credit for a sequence of classes (HIST 101a + 101b) is granted after a student completes the last course in the sequence. To prevent the student from earning units taken, which are used to calculate GPA, or units earned, which are used by the Academic Advisement application, you could enter 0 in the Minimum Units field and the Maximum Units field. Then, you could enter 3 (or another unit value) in the Academic Progress Units field.

The system would calculate the billing units and academic load using 3 (or another unit value) academic progress units, but the student would earn no credit.[1]


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