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A Bachelor of Arts Degree is a type of bachelor's degree that is awarded upon completion of a major course of study in the arts. At CSUMB, obtaining a bachelor of arts degree requires between 120-135 total credits, depending on the major, and requires a minimum of 24 credits to be taken in the student's arts major.

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"The California Educational Code Title V requirements for California State University specify that you must complete a minimum number of credits in several categories. The minimum semester credit requirements are as follows:

Total Credits

  • 40 upper-division
  • 70 maximum from community college
  • 120-135 total, depending on major

Credits in Residence at CSUMB

  • 24 upper division
  • 12 upper division in major
  • 9 in General Education
  • 30 total

Credits in General Education

  • 9 upper division after achieving upper-division status
  • 48 total

Credits in Major

Bachelor of Arts

  • 12 upper division
  • 12 upper division in residence at CSUMB
  • 24 total

Bachelor of Science

  • 18 upper division
  • 12 upper division in residence at CSUMB
  • 36 total"[1]


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