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Repeat Candidate Flag is a yes / no flag set on the student's enrollment record when the student enrolls in a class that exceeds the total completions allowed for the class, as designated in the OASIS course catalog.

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Business Rules

Repetition Option - Some courses, especially variable topic courses, may be designated as "repeatable."

Repeatable courses are explicitly designed to allow students to repeat a completed course for up to a certain number of units.[1]

The repeat candidate flag is only set to "Yes" when a student enrolls in a course more times than allowed per the "repeat for credit rules" as designated in the course catalog.


If a course is set as one completion allowed, the repeat candidate flag would be set as "Yes" on the student's second enrollment in the course.

If a course is set as two or more completions or units allowed, the repeat candidate flag would only be set as "Yes" if the student enrolled in a course more times than the catalog indicates as allowed.

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Definition Source

"The Allowable Repeats process and Repeat Checking process set the repeat candidate flag (REPEAT_CANDIDATE) on the student's enrollment record (STDNT_ENRL) to Y or N for all components of a class. The COBOL process sets the flag to Y for all classes identified as repeat candidates as long as the following conditions are met: • You must set up front-end repeat checking to issue warning messages whenever the COBOL process encounters a repeat candidate. • You must process the enrollment transaction through the enrollment engine."[2]


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