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Standard Hours indicates the number of hours the employee typically will work for this job.[1] Standard Hours are typically for a week of work.

Where Term Appears
CSUMB Data Warehouse Dashboards:N/A - Inactive and not available on dashboards
Data Custodian
University Personnel
Data Source
Source System:CMS - HR
Source Table Name:PS_JOB
Source Field Name:STD_HOURS
Census Process:No
Logical Transformation / Calculation
OBIEE Folder and Column
Folder Heading:"CSU Employee"
Column Heading:"Standard Hours"

Business Rules

The standard hours defaults based on the job code, position, salary plan, company, or your permission list.

Standard Hours will be derived from FTE if FTE is changed manually. If you change the standard hours, the FTE value will also change. This value determines the FTE based on the work period value selected.

The Standard Hours value can never be ‘0’.


Examples of Standard Hours include:

  • 40.00
  • 32.00
  • 26.67
  • 24.00
  • 21.33
  • 20.00
  • 17.33
  • 10.67
  • ...etc.

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