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An Unweighted Average is a an average calculated without multiplying each component by a factor or "weight" reflecting the size of each component.

Total and subtotals for Unweighted Averages are calculated based upon cell values displayed rather than the underlying data and may misrepresent the data.

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If you were looking at unweighted averages of SAT scores for a particular college (all numbers in the scenario below are made up for illustrative purposes):

College of Education has an average SAT score of 520. You drill into this college to see the scores for majors, and find that Liberal Studies has an average SAT score of 525 and Human Development and Family Studies has an average SAT score of 475. The unweighted average displayed as a subtotal/total in this case would be 500 (525 + 475 / 2).

The weighted average is higher than the unweighted average because there are more students in Liberal Studies than Human Development and Family Studies, and the weighted average calculation takes this into account.

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