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GPA is the acronym for Grade Point Average, a calculation of the numerical values given to alphabetical letter grades used in the assessment of academic performance. It is calculated as the sum of all grade points divided by the total amount of units attempted

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Per Title V, the following GPA values are assigned to each grading symbol:

  • A+ 4.0
  • A 4.0
  • A- 3.7
  • B+ 3.3
  • B 3.0
  • B- 2.7
  • C+ 2.3
  • C 2.0
  • C- 1.7
  • D+ 1.3
  • D 1.0
  • D- 0.7
  • F 0.0

Designations of CR/NC (credit and non-credit), I (incomplete), W (withdrawal), RP (report in progress), RD (report delayed), and AU (audit) shall not be calculated in the GPA.

Designations of IC (incomplete charged) and WU (withdrawal unauthorized) shall be counted as a failing grade (F) for grade point average and progress to completion.

For more information, see CSUMB's Academic Standing Policy.

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