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Grade Basis is a collection of individual grades (or grade codes) that corresponds to a valid grouping of grade offerings.

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Grade Basis of CNC (Credit/No Credit) includes the grade codes CR, NC.

Grade Basis of GRD (Letter graded) includes letter grade codes A-F (including plus and minus designations).

Grade Basis of ANC (ABC graded/no credit) includes letter grade codes of A through B and NC for graduate level courses and letter grade codes of A through C and NC for undergraduate level courses.

Grade Basis of UCR (UG CR/NC with grades) includes letter grade codes of A through C and CR/NC. This grade basis is only assigned to pre-baccalaureate support courses and no credit is earned.

There are additional grade basis for Early Start courses, for administrative courses, and for courses taken for audit. Most grade basis also include the grades of Incomplete (I) and Report in Progress (RP).

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"Grade bases comprise individual grades, and grade schemes comprise grade bases...Before you can grade students, you must define all possible grading schemes for all careers...Within each grading scheme, you define all valid grade bases, grades, and grade-related detail."[1]


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