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This guide will help you create and share bookmark links to content in the CSUMB Data Warehouse.

What are Bookmark Links?

Bookmark Links provide a mechanism within the CSUMB Data Warehouse for users to obtain a shortcut link to a dashboard page, which will include any dashboard prompt selections the user applied to the page. These links can then be e-mailed to another user who can enter the shared bookmark link into the URL line of a browser to view the same dashboard content with all of the same prompt selections applied.

Creating a Bookmark Link

To create a Bookmark Link for sharing a dashboard page, with or without customizations you've made, open the Page Options menu located under your name in the Header navigation.

Screenshot illustrating location of Page Options (Gear Icon) in header. See accompanying narrative for description.

Within the Page Options menu, select the Create Bookmark Link option.

Screenshot illustrating Create Bookmark Link option within Page Options menu. See accompanying narrative for description.

Once the Create Bookmark Link option has been selected, the Dashboard Message Bar will show that "A Bookmark Link suitable for saving or sharing this page has been created. It is shown in the browser's Address Bar."

Inspection of the browser’s Address Bar will reveal the URL has indeed changed to show the generated Bookmark Link.  

Screenshot illustrating Dashboard Message Bar and Bookmark Link Generated in Browser's Address Bar. See accompanying narrative for description.

Sharing a Bookmark Link

Once your Bookmark Link URL has been generated, you can copy and paste this link from the Address Bar and either save it or share it, most likely via e-mail.

  1. Click within the browser’s Address Bar on the URL. On a PC, hold “Ctrl” + “A” to select the entire URL. On a MAC, hold “Command” + “A” to select the entire URL. Use “Ctrl” + “C” (PC) or “Command” + “C” (MAC) to copy the entire URL.
  2. In your email composer, you can then use “Ctrl” + “V” (PC) or “Command” + “V” (MAC) to paste the Bookmark Link URL into the body of your email. Or, you can right click within the email composer and select Paste.
Screenshot illustrating Paste in mouse right-click menu. See accompanying narrative for description.
Note: Known Issue with Bookmark Links - "Permission Denied in accessing result set data" Message
A known issue with Bookmark Links is that the linked dashboard may not load properly for other users on the first day the link is created and shared and may result in a message appearing that says “Permission Denied in accessing result set data”.

If you receive this message on a dashboard using a shared Bookmark Link, click the “Apply” button on any of the prompts on the dashboard for the dashboard to reload and resolve properly.

Typically, shared Bookmark Links will work properly the day after they have been created without users needing to click “Apply”.

For more information, see IT SR #7867096.

Longevity of Bookmark Links

Bookmark Links will expire within one year. Once Bookmark Links have expired, the URLs will no longer navigate properly to content within the CSUMB Data Warehouse. To more permanently save content that has been shared with you via Bookmark Links, use the “Favorites” and “Customizations” functionality within the CSUMB Data Warehouse.

For saving a dashboard to Favorites, see Getting Started with the CSUMB Data Warehouse.

For saving filter prompt selections or other customizations to a dashboard page, see Saving Your Customizations and Filters.