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IAR supports campus data users by developing and maintaining help guides and help videos for our data dashboards and reports. This page contains help guides for the CSUMB Data Warehouse.

If you have suggestions for additional help guides that should be created to support campus data users, Submit User Feedback and let us know.

All Employee (General User) Dashboard Help Guides

Guides for customizing and printing the Student Life Cycle one-pager overview dashboards:

Customizing and Printing the Admissions Overview One-Pager
Customizing and Printing the Courses APDB One-Pager
Customizing and Printing the Degrees Awarded One-Pager
Customizing and Printing the Enrollment (Census) Overview One-Pager
Customizing and Printing the Enrollment (Census) Undergraduate One-Pager
Customizing and Printing the Enrollment (Census) Degree-Seeking First-Time Freshmen One-Pager
Customizing and Printing the Enrollment (Census) Degree-Seeking Transfers One-Pager
Customizing and Printing the Enrollment (Census) Degree-Seeking Graduate Student One-Pager
Customizing and Printing the Enrollment by Major One-Pager
Customizing and Printing the Retention and Graduation One-Pager

Getting Started and Basics

Guide Description
Getting Started with the CSUMB Data Warehouse Signing In to the CSUMB Data Warehouse, Navigating the CSUMB Data Warehouse (Using the Home Page, Using the Header, Using the "Navigation and Help" Dashboard, Navigating Within the Dashboards), Adding Dashboards to Favorites, Signing Out of the CSUMB Data Warehouse
CSUMB Data Warehouse Introduction (Video) Overview of CSUMB Data Warehouse, Logging into the CSUMB Data Warehouse, Navigate the Dashboards, Interact with Data Using Dashboard Prompts, Add Dashboards to Favorites, and Use the Navigation and Help Dashboard
Setting Your Starting Page About the Default Start Page, Suggestions for Helpful Dashboards to Set as Alternative Start Page, Changing the Default Start Page

Using Dashboards

Guide Description
Using Dashboards Basics Typical Dashboard Organization, Pages and Subpages, Prompts, Required Prompts, Optional Filters, Group Breakdowns, When to Use Optional Filters Vs. Group Breakdowns, View Selectors, Clearing Customizations
Using Dashboards Advanced - Search Function in Prompts Using the "Search" Function in Prompts, Locating the Search Function, Navigating the Select Values Interface, Using the Search Criteria, Selecting Values from the Available Results
Saving Your Dashboard Customizations and Filters What are Page Customizations? Saving Your Customizations and Filters, Applying a Saved Customization, Editing Saved Customizations, Clearing Your Customizations
Sharing Dashboards Using Bookmark Links What are Bookmark Links? Creating a Bookmark Link, Sharing a Bookmark Link, Longevity of Bookmark Links

CSUMB Data Warehouse Features and Documentation / Videos

Navigation Features

Feature Linked Video Linked Doc
Save favorite dashboards Video Doc
Organize favorite dashboards Video Doc
Use interlinked dashboards (e.g. used for guided navigation and Help and Navigation page) Video Doc
Use action links and action links menu that enables navigation to other / related analyses Video Doc

Doc 2


Change default start page Video Doc
Use linked data glossary integration Video N/A
Use linked help guide integration Video N/A

Saving and Sharing Features

Feature Linked Video Linked Doc
Save end user dashboard customization Video Doc
Share end user dashboard customizations with other users (e.g. bookmark links) Video Doc
Create briefing books (e.g. custom compilation of visualizations which can be exported as PDF Video (from Youtube) Doc (oracle)

Exporting and Printing Features

Feature Linked Video Linked Doc
Ability to print data visualizations to PDF Video Doc

Doc 2 (oracle)

Ability to export data

Note: For this question, please specify the formats needed for data export (e.g. CSV, Excel, PDF, etc.) and the scope required (e.g. visualization / table, dashboard page, entire dashboard)

Video Doc (oracle)

Accessibility Features

Feature Linked Video Linked Doc
Accessibility features N/A (see linked doc for features in OBIEE) Doc (oracle)

Dashboard Interaction Features

Feature Linked Video Linked Doc
Using the range of optional filters / grouping breakdowns on the dashboard: enables the same dashboard to answer questions for various types of users (e.g. academic programs, support programs, grant reporting, etc.) Video Doc
Organize filters on dashboard (e.g. optional filter groups) Video Doc
Limit values in filter selectors based on prior selections made (e.g. selecting CAHSS limits major filter to only majors in CAHSS) Video Doc
Use different types of prompt selectors on dashboards (e.g. Dropdowns - single select, Dropdowns - multi select, Checkbox multi select, Radio Button single select, and Calendar select) Video Doc
Choose operator type for a filter Video N/A
Filter by description or code Video N/A
Use search functionality on filter prompts Video Doc
Paste in a list of values in a filter Video N/A
Have data-driven preselection of results / dashboard selectors (e.g. default terms or academic years update to most recent for which data is available) Video Doc
See applied filter views on dashboards (allowing end user to see what dashboard filter selections they have applied) Video Doc
Reset prompts to default selections Video Doc
Have dashboard selections apply to multiple visualizations on dashboard page Video N/A
Drill into data Video Doc
Change views on a page (e.g. switch from a graph to a table) Video Doc
Customize TopN selection (e.g. top 10 courses by various metrics) Video N/A
Have dashboard selections carry over from one page to another dashboard page Video N/A
Mouseover tooltips on data visualizations for more information Video Doc
Use a visualization to control results of another visualization Video N/A
Interact and customize tables (sort columns and rows, drag and drop columns and rows, add totals and subtotals, exclude columns, etc.) Video Doc

Features for Customization of Dashboards / Visualizations

Feature Linked Video Linked Doc
Dashboards that have customized formatting / (e.g. header formatting, image / graphics embedded on dashboard layout, customized colors, custom icons, html embedded, etc.) N/A Doc


Dashboard selections that end users can make to determine the visualization options on the dashboard (e.g. presentation variables are used in conjunction with conditional view sections on the dashboard) Video N/A
Dashboards with custom note boxes that appear with more information depending on end-user selections made Video N/A
Dashboards with various visualization types available:
  • Bar charts
  • Bubble charts
  • Gauges
  • Heat matrix
  • Line graphs
  • Narrative text views
  • Performance tiles
  • Pie charts
  • Pivot tables
  • Scatter chart
  • Stacked bar charts
  • Trellis graphs/sparklines
N/A Doc


Dashboards with customized visualization types and formatting (e.g. custom color selections, conditional formatting on tables, embedding symbols in tables, etc.) N/A Doc
Dashboards with time series comparisons (e.g. day ago, year ago comparisons) Video N/A