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This page provides help resources on using the CSUMB Experience Study reports available in Tableau Public.

For definitions of data elements used in the CSUMB Experience Study reports, see the definitions page.

Report Navigation

Help Guide Video Tutorial
How to Navigate: CSUMBES 2022 Reports Page; Navigating to Tableau Public Quantitative Reports; Navigating Tabs on Reports With Multiple Parts; Returning to the CSUMBES 2022 Reports Page Play Video (Panopto)

Dashboard Interactions

Help Guide Video Tutorial
Using Filters: What are dashboard filters?; Dashboard filters location; Making dashboard filter selections; Removing dashboard filter selections Play Video (Panopto)
Using Visualization Tooltips: What are tooltips?; Hover over data visualizations for tooltips; Get comparison data in tooltips for filtered results compared with overall (unfiltered) results Play Video (Panopto)
Sorting Questions and Results: What is the sorting functionality?; How to change the sort order; Sort by Question Order; Sort by Positives; Sort by Negatives; Sort by Neutrals Play Video (Panopto)
Toggling Sentiment Levels: What are sentiment levels?; Example sentiment response level scales; How to switch between 3 or 6 levels of sentiment Play Video (Panopto)

Advanced Analysis: Group Comparisons

Help Guide Video Tutorial
How to Compare Group Results: How can you compare group results on the dashboards?; Comparisons for a Filtered Group and Overall Results; Comparisons for a Filtered Group and Another Filtered Group Play Video (Panopto)